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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


6.3 Longevity Pay

Employees shall receive longevity pay as hereinafter provided:

Continuous service will include all time during which an employee is actively at work or on the payroll, or may be off work due to a compensable injury or sickness covered by provisions of the Workers’ Compensation Act.

A school year equates to 10 months service.
The longevity percentage payment calculated to the nearest dollar shall be:

After 1 school years at Step 8 = 2% over base pay (Step 8)
After 3 school years at Step 8 = 3% over base pay (Step 8)
After 12 school years = 4% over base (Step 8)
After 13 school years = 5.5% over base (Step 8)
After 14 school years = 7% over base (Step 8)
After 15 school years = 9% over base (Step 8)
After 17 school years = 10% over base (Step 8)
After 19 school years = 11% over base (Step 8)
After 21 school years = 12% over base (Step 8)
After 23 school years = 13% over base (Step 8)
After 26 school years = 14% over base (Step 8)

Longevity pay shall be added to an employee’s Step 8 base pay and shall be considered as part of Step 8 base pay.

Longevity payments shall be effective on the first day of the school year after which the length of service is completed. Any time worked during the first year of employment constitutes a full school year of service for purposes of computing longevity.