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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


6.7 Uniforms

Employees shall be entitled to reimbursement for designated clothing expenses not to exceed one hundred seventy-five (175) dollars per year. Employee clothing expense reimbursement must be evidenced by a sales receipt(s) for that clothing worn for Food Service work. New hires may use seventy-five (75) dollars of the uniform allowance to purchase a uniform and then use the remainder after the end of the probationary period. The employee must request reimbursement from the District no later than April 1 or within thirty (30) days following a newly hired employee’s probationary period. The District shall provide shirts once per year for food servers only. Such uniforms include shoes with non-skid soles, shirts, aprons, visors and pants, but shall exclude jeans, leggings and sweatpants. These uniforms shall be color compatible with other Food Service workers in the same building. Staff will vote on the color combination for the building. Food Service employees working at both the Food Production Center and a school shall wear the colors of the school. This provision applies only to employees who are required to wear uniforms. Food Service employees working at elementary schools shall be entitled to reimbursement for shoes with non-skid soles, not to exceed seventy-five dollars ($75) per year. Uniforms will only be worn for work-related and incidental activities. The District shall contract with vendors to provide employee accounts for the purchase of uniforms. Employees may choose not to use an employee account to purchase uniforms and be reimbursed as indicated above.