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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


7.1 Job-Related Training

All special education assistants newly hired prior to the commencement of any school year will participate in District orientation courses. Special education assistants hired after the start of the school year shall be provided orientation. New special education assistant employees shall receive orientation to familiarize them with their duties and responsibilities and to acquaint them with school regulations, buildings, equipment and services. Special education assistant employees will be compensated for their participation consistent with the terms herein.

An employee may be granted time off, without loss of pay or use of accumulated leave time, up to two (2) days per school year, to attend training sessions, workshops, and conferences pertaining to the employee’s work as authorized by the employee’s principal and thespecial education coordinator. The District shall pay for the cost of registration, mileage and other pre- approved expenses for pre-approved courses that have been properly submitted on the “Out-of- District Activity” form.

Educational assistants who are recommended or directed by their supervisor to attend training offered during non-scheduled work hours or during summer vacation shall be compensated for their attendance at their regular hourly rate of pay provided the training and funding has been pre-approved by Educational Services.

In order to continue employment with the District, Nurse’s Assistants shall be required to maintain current CPR/AED certification via a District approved CPR/AED course. There will be no fee for nursing assistants for a course conducted by the District. At the time of any training, the District will have available for nurse’s assistants’ use all required materials, manuals, etc., at no cost to the nurse’s assistants.