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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

7.2 Benefits While on Worker’s Compensation

If any employee is injured while in the performance of duties for the District, the District shall continue to provide Workers’ Compensation insurance and the employee will be compensated in the following manner:

When an employee is in pay status, the employee shall be paid by the District at one hundred percent (100%) of the salary schedule rate he/she was paid prior to such injury, and the District shall retain all Worker’s Compensation pay received from the carrier on the employee’s behalf. Said pay shall continue for a period not to exceed one hundred and eighty (180) working days for any one (1) such injury or illness. During such period that the employee is receiving pay under the provisions of this Section, he/she shall continue to accrue sick leave credits (if applicable). No employee by reason of this Section shall receive pay for more than fifty-two weeks in any calendar year, provided however, that employee’s shall not be entitled to the provisions of this Section during periods when they are not scheduled to be paid by the District. The employee must provide a physician’s report substantiating the injury and the District’s return to work form must be completed and filed by the physician before the employee returns to work.

Challenge of Workers’ Compensation Claim: If a worker’s compensation claim is contested, the District continues to pay the employee’s full salary during the period of disability up to a maximum of the number of work days following the date of the accident equal to the number of sick leave days then accumulated by such employee. If the contested claim is settled in favor of the employee, the provisions specified in the paragraph above are retroactively applicable and the number of sick leave days consumed is restored to the credit of the employee.

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Board Policy 8421