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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


7.2 Sick Leave Payout

Employees who accumulate sick leave in excess of seven hundred twenty (720) hours shall receive a cash sum equivalent to the employee’s regular salary of the excess hours. This payment is to be made on the payday immediately preceding December 25. All employees eligible for this payment will have their excess sick leave paid and their sick leave balance reduced to seven hundred twenty (720) hours as of the last payday immediately preceding December 25.

Should an employee desire to place any amount of their annual excess sick leave earnings into their tax sheltered annuity program, they may do so by submitting an increase in salary reduction, pursuant to District procedures, prior to the payroll in which the excess sick leaveis paid with a decrease in salary reduction to be effective the payroll after the excess sick leave is paid. These two changes will not count toward the annual limitation for changes.