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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


7.8 Job Reclassification

In the event the content of an existing job classification changes sufficiently to merit consideration for reclassification, an employee may initiate a written request to the District for reclassification. Immediately upon written request of an employee for reclassification, the District shall provide said employee with all forms/documents necessary to initiate said reclassification request.

The reclassification request shall be submitted in writing with supportive rationale to the office of Human Resources. Said requests will then be forwarded to the Job Evaluation Committee. The Job Evaluation Committee shall consist of two (2) representatives designated by the District and two (2) representatives designated by the unit.

The Human Resources Department shall convene the Committee appointees within 45 days following the Human Resources Department’s receipt of the position analysis questionnaire. Copies of the reclassification requests, the position analysis questionnaires completed for the position, the detailed analysis of the position analysis questionnaire including all scoring of the document, and the recommendation of the Human Resources Department shall be provided to Committee appointees not later than five (5) days prior to the scheduled Committee meeting.

The Committee shall, when at all possible, agree on the placement of the job classification in a salary range which is, in the opinion of the majority of the Committee, in proper relation to and commensurate with other job classifications within this unit, at the time of the meeting. Should additional information be requested by any of the Committee members prior to deciding on the recommendation, an additional thirty (30) days shall be granted in which the information shall be collected, the committee reconvened, and a decision on the recommendation made.

If no agreement is reached among a majority of the Committee’s members, the Committee shall request that the WERC supply an individual to mediate the dispute and, if necessary, to cast the deciding vote relative to the reclassification request and placement of the job classification in a salary range. Any adjustment will be paid retroactively commencing with the beginning of the first pay period following the reclassification request. The reclassification wage placement will be in the new grade at the same step as the previous pay grade. The employee will maintain his/ her current anniversary date for salary increment increases.

There shall be a career ladder progression for Micro Computing Technicians and Specialist:

Micro Computing Technicians and Specialists