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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


8.3 Sick Leave Payout

Employees earning sick leave in excess of one hundred fifty (150) days may receive a cash sum equivalent to the employee’s regular wage of the excess days desired by the employee which shall not exceed eighteen (18) days. The employee shall notify the Payroll Division by December 10 of the number of days to be paid out. Failure to provide this notification will result in the accumulation of the excess days in the employee’s sick leave account. This payment is to be made on the pay day immediately preceding December 25. All employees eligible for this payment will have their excess sick leave paid and their sick leave balance reduced by the amount of the payout as of the last pay day immediately preceding December 25. The employees shall have the option to have such funds placed in a TSA. Excess sick leave not paid out shall be retained in the employee’s sick leave account, notwithstanding the 150-day limit.