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Madison Metropolitan School District


Welcome to the Payroll Services Division, of HR, at the Madison Metropolitan School District.

It is the primary mission of Payroll Services at MMSD to serve our customer, the MMSD/MSCR employee, by providing reliable, responsive and timely service in support of the District's compensation, benefits, payroll tax related and reporting services.

Contact Information

Tonya Colvin - Payroll Manager - (608) 663-5387 - Works with Administrator and Non-Union Professional employee groups and all questions

Fue Moua - Payroll Analyst - (608) 663-5380 - Works with WRS and banking and all questions

Laura Harrington - Payroll Specialist II - (608) 663-5373 - Works with CU, TR, FS, SA, SEE, HI employee groups and 403b

Alice Bach - Payroll Specialist II - (608) 442-2812 - Works with MSCR, BRS, EA/SEA, Sub SEA, Sub Sec and Coach employee groups

Allison Tredinnick - Payroll Specialist II - (608) 663-5369 - Works with Teacher and Sub teacher employee groups

Have Questions? Contact us above or email