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Madison Metropolitan School District

Pay Dates

Monthly Paid

Usually paid on the 1st of every month during the school year

Administrator Payroll Schedule 21-22 (Paid every month)

Teacher Payroll Schedule 21-22(Teachers that receive 10 pay checks, receive the last one on the last day of school)

Sub Teacher Payroll Schedule 21-22

Biweekly Paid

Alternate Biweekly (MSCR seasonal) Payroll Schedule 21-22 (Paid every other Friday)

Biweekly (EA/SEA/BEA/NA, CU, FS, LTE, NUP, SEE/NUC, TE-B, TE-G, TR, Sub SEA )Payroll Schedule 21-22 (Paid every other Friday)

Summer Semester

Pay Schedule for Summer Semester 2022

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