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Madison Metropolitan School District

New Teacher Pay Checks

The District’s default pay option for teachers is to receive 10 paychecks per school year. However, teachers may choose to receive 12 checks per year. This choice must be done each year or the pay option of 10 pay checks will default automatically.

Pay checks are issued on the first of the month, unless the first falls on a weekend or holiday. For 2024-2025 the pay dates are 10/1, 11/1, 11/29, 1/2, 1/31, 2/28, 4/1, 5/1, 5/30, 6/6 (last day of the school year) and the #11 and #12 pay checks will be issued on the last business day of June (6/30/2025). Per the Handbook: For teachers electing the twelve (12)-month pay plan, checks No. 11 and No. 12 will be directly deposited to their financial institution on the last business day of June.

What are your options?

  1. Receive 10 pay checks per year – No further action required

  2. Receive 12 pay checks per year – Complete the 12-Pay Election Form below

What do you need to know about electing to receive 12 pay checks?

  • Enrollment is open through September 2, 2024

  • You must annually file an election to receive 12 pay checks

  • Once a pay plan is chosen it cannot be changed until enrollment is open for the following school year

  • No late enrollments will be accepted

12-Pay Choice Form

I have been hired under a teacher contract and wish to receive 12 pay checks for the 2024-2025 school year. I understand that my current choice is for the 2024-2025 school year ONLY. I must re-enroll prior to each school year to continue receiving 12 pay checks each school year.


First Name
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