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Madison Metropolitan School District

Resignation/Retirement Notice

Please view our Employee Resignation & Retirement User Guide for information on procedures to follow when ending your employment with MMSD.

I hereby submit my resignation/retirement from the Madison Metropolitan School District.


First Name
Last Name
Employee Grouprequired
Work Location(s)required
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Please note if you are working a temporary/seasonal job after resigning your regular position. (limited-term position, substitute, summer school, MSCR)

Exit Survey

As a departing staff member, you have unique perspectives and experiences while working for MMSD. We value your comments on the strengths of our District and suggestions for improvements in how serve our students. 

After submitting this form (the resignation/retirement notice), you'll receive an email with details on how to complete a confidential and anonymous exit survey.

If you'd prefer to have an in-person exit interview instead, please indicate below. This will allow you an opportunity to discuss directly with Human Resources your reasons for leaving MMSD, your opinions of work conditions, and your relationship with your supervisor. Employees are not required to complete both the exit survey and an in-person interview.