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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Resignation & Retirement User Guide

Madison Metropolitan School District Employee Separation Process

If you are an employee leaving employment with the Madison Metropolitan School District, please follow the steps below to ensure you have a smooth transition.

Step 1. Notice of Resignation / Retirement

An employee who wishes to resign or retire from the Madison Metropolitan School District must complete a Resignation/Retirement Notice at, which is submitted to Human Resources. Within this notification, you will have the option to complete an exit survey OR request a virtual (Zoom) exit interview.

Each employee unit requires a minimum advance notice, as outlined below. You can notify MMSD before the minimum notice, which will help with your transition period. If the resignation notice is given after this time frame, late resignation fees may be applied.

  • Administrator – 30 days if resigning mid-year
  • Educational Assistant – 2 weeks
  • Custodial – 4 weeks
  • Food Service – 2 weeks
  • Play and Learn – 2 weeks
  • Professional – 2 weeks
  • Professional-Instructional – 2 weeks
  • School Security – 2 weeks
  • Supportive Educational Employee (Clerical/Technical) – 4 weeks
  • Teacher – Last day of school year OR 30 days if resigning mid-year*
  • Trades – 2 weeks

*Please note that all employees covered by Addendum A of the MMSD Employee Handbook (Teachers, Pupil Services staff, BRS, and Therapy Assistants) are subject to resignation fees:

$400 after end of school year or after contracts are due

$450 after July 1

$500 August 1 and after

Additional $100 for those who do not give at least 30 days notice

Fees will be deducted from your final paycheck(s) or invoiced if no paycheck is due.

Step 2. Apply for Retirement Benefits (if Retiring from MMSD)

An employee who is eligible to retire from the Madison Metropolitan School District should complete all applicable retirement paperwork prior to their last day worked. More information about the retirement process, including the additional steps needed to retire, applicable forms and to sign up for a retirement consultation, can be found at

Step 3. Return MMSD Property

Arrangements should be made with your supervisor to return all MMSD property such as laptop, keys, building access card, District materials, etc. All MMSD property should be returned by your last day of work.

Step 4. Complete Exit Survey OR Schedule Exit Interview

Please complete the exit survey OR request a virtual (Zoom) exit interview. Employees leaving are not required to complete both. This will allow you an opportunity to discuss directly with Human Resources your reasons for leaving MMSD, your opinions of work conditions, and your relationship with your supervisor.

Additional Important Information

Gmail / Google Drive / MMSD computers / MMSD network drives

It is important to note that you will not have access to any MMSD systems after separating employment with us. This includes network computers, network drives, Google Workspace (email, documents, websites, etc.) Forward any emails you need to save from your MMSD email account over to your personal email account prior to your last day of work. Specifically, you should forward your payroll direct deposit advice emails to your personal email for future reference. Also, be sure to download and save any Google docs that you need to retain after leaving MMSD. Technical Services cannot extend any account access after an employee’s last day of work.

Final Paycheck

Your final paycheck will be deposited on the next regularly scheduled pay date following your termination date. It will be distributed as usual (direct deposit).

Vacation Balance

For employees who receive paid vacation, any unused vacation will be paid out to you on your last paycheck or subsequent check. If you have used more vacation than earned, the district will recuperate the additional time paid on your final paycheck.


If you are retiring from MMSD, there are benefits that you can continue to receive through MMSD. Please contact the Benefits Helpdesk at or at (608) 663-1692 to sign up for a meeting to learn more about retirement benefits and to see if you qualify.


When you end employment with MMSD, your insurance coverage will end. More information about when coverage ends can be found at You may elect to continue to participate in certain MMSD sponsored benefits or to convert certain coverage to an individual policy directly with the sponsoring insurance company. Continuation information (COBRA) will be mailed to your home after your last day worked. Please read this website for important information about COBRA continuation insurance.

Contact Information

Take a moment to check your mailing address and personal email address so your W-2, benefits information, and other important correspondence can be sent to you. You can update your information at


Please contact the Human Resources Department at (608) 663-1693 with any additional questions.