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Madison Metropolitan School District

Workers Compensation/Safety

Worker's Compensation

To report a work-related injury, please contact Travelers Insurance at 1-888-729-4189.

Safety Videos

MMSD values employee safety and will provide all employees with helpful information to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.  Visit the Safety website if you'd like to view safety videos and other safety tips.

Liability Insurance

Every employee is covered by the District's liability insurance program. This program covers employees while they are performing their job in the normal course of their employment.

When a student, parent, volunteer or visitor is injured please complete either the Student Injury Report or the Parent/Volunteer Injury Report form and fax it to 608-204-0346.

In the event you are notified of a potential liability claim or request for payment/reimbursement due to an injury please direct them to Benefits at 608-663-1692.

Property Insurance

In the event physical damage or loss occurs to district property please submit the loss form. Building custodians can assist with the completion of the forms.

All physical damage claims must include two photos of the damage. Forms should be submitted as soon as the loss or damage is discovered.

Please contact Benefits at 608-663-1692 for the form or with any questions.