Monday, December 18, 2017 - 1:45pm

Imagine MadisonYour opinions, viewpoints, stories, and personal experiences will help guide our city forward, making Madison a great place to live for all. 

Through a process called Imagine Madison, the City of Madison is updating its Comprehensive Plan, a Plan designed to provide guidance on citywide policies and priorities for the next 20 years. Through the Imagine Madison process, residents can share their vision of Madison’s future. With an additional 40,000 housing units anticipated between now and 2040, the City needs your help to prioritize growth, strategies, and implementation actions to improve the lives of all residents, workers, and visitors. The Plan covers strategies related to the environment, transit, housing, education, economy and social life that will enable our community to use resources effectively and adapt to change. Towards this goal, Imagine Madison calls upon all members of the Madison community, both individually and collectively, to form a unified
vision of how we can create a vibrant, thriving and inclusive community.

Learn more at the Imagine Madison website.

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