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Madison Metropolitan School District

Annual Notices

Our district has a vision that every child will graduate from high school ready for college, career and community. A large part of accomplishing that is offering a variety of opportunities so that all students have what they need to be successful.

Below are links to options available for students in the Madison area. We encourage you to explore these options to determine if one of these options is the best fit for your child. Please also feel comfortable contacting us directly to have your questions answered.

Pursuant to Wisconsin State Statute 115.28 (54m), notice must be provided regarding the educational options available to all students who are at least three years old, but not yet 18 years old. Each of the following areas linked below represent educational options for students in Madison, Wisconsin.

Updated August 2022

Offered within the Madison Metropolitan School District

You can find our schools listed at:

On the main page, click the menu in the upper right (Select a School); then, select the level of school you wish to see, as well as the school name.

Charter Schools

While strong neighborhood schools are the foundation of our educational programming, charter schools have been developed in collaboration with staff and community members to provide curriculum and instructional delivery options.

Magnet School

Virtual Schools/Programs

Additional Annual Notices