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Madison Metropolitan School District

Our Library Team

The best means of communication for the Library Media Technology Specialists (LMTS) during this time is to email. Please click the link to send an email directly to your school LMTS.

Doyle Contacts

Role Name Phone
Associate Superintendent of Technology TJ McCray 608-640-0329
Library Services Coordinator Maegan Heindel Email Maegan Heindel
Administrative Assistant Amanda Klinkner Email Amanda Klinkner

Elementary LMTS

School Name Email
Allis Elementary School Jamie Quanbeck Email Jamie Quanbeck
Anana Elementary School Suzanne Best Email Suzanne Best
Chávez Elementary School Dan Huebsch Email Dan Huebsch
Crestwood Elementary School Adam Blackbourn Email Adam Blackbourn
Elvehjem Elementary School Laura Ochoa Podell Email Laura Ochoa Podell
Emerson Elementary School Carol Shew Email Carol Shew
Franklin Elementary School Shelley Block Email Shelley Block
Henderson Elementary School Nancy Engle Email Nancy Engle
Gompers Elementary School Jody Retzer Crolla Email Jody Retzer Crolla
Hawthorne Elementary School Abby Miller Email Abby Miller
Huegel Elementary School Bridget Grindle Email Bridget Grindle
Kennedy Elementary School Joelyne Hoerth Email Joelyne Hoerth
Lake View Elementary School Shannon Furman Email Shannon Furman
Lapham Elementary School Jane Kelly Email Jane Kelly
Leopold Elementary School Cameron Bren Email Cameron Bren
Lincoln Elementary School Jim Igielski Email Jim Igielski
Lindbergh Elementary School Tiffany Thiede Email Tiffany Thiede
Lowell Elementary School Shane Fisher Email Shane Fisher
Marquette Elementary School Shannon Erickson Email Shannon Erickson
Mendota Elementary School Mahmoud Hegazy Email Mahmoud Hegazy
Midvale Elementary School Ann Taillon Email Ann Taillon
Muir Elementary School Kate LaChance Email Kate LaChance
Nuestro Mundo Community School Hollis Rudiger Email Hollis Rudiger
Olson Elementary School Brendan Faherty Email Brendan Faherty
Orchard Ridge Elementary School Destiny Kemper Email Destiny Kemper
Randall Elementary School Gabrielle Sharrock Email Gabrielle Sharrock
Sandburg Elementary School Vacant Email Library Services Coordinator
Schenk Elementary School Sam Rae Email Sam Rae
Shorewood Elementary School Patricia Hill Email Patricia Hill
Stephens Elementary School Constance Roberts Email Constance Roberts
Thoreau Elementary School Lisa Hempstead Email Lisa Hempstead
Van Hise Elementary School Jennifer Follett Email Jennifer Follett

Middle School LMTS

School Name Email
Badger Rock Middle School Liz Merfeld Email Liz Merfeld
Black Hawk Middle School Kelli Ballwahn Email Kelli Ballwahn
Cherokee Middle School Lisa Alfonso Hoffmann Email Lisa Alfonso Hoffmann
Hamilton Middle School Alex Phelps Email Alex Phelps
Jefferson Middle School Jason Anderson Email Jason Anderson
O'Keeffe Middle School Michal Watson Email Michal Watson
Sennett Middle School Julie Beckett Email Julie Beckett
Sherman Middle School Haley Houser Email Haley Houser
Spring Harbor Middle School Jessica Schmitz Email Jessica Schmitz
Toki Middle School Todd Hillmer Email Todd Hillmer
Whitehorse Middle School Eve Wilczewski Email Eve Wilczewski
Wright Middle School Olivia Schmidt Email Olivia Schmidt

High School LMTS

School Name Email
East High School Jen Milne-Carroll Email Jen Milne-Carroll
La Follette High School Erin Clark Email Erin Clark
Memorial High School Kristin DeLorme Email Kristin DeLorme
Shabazz High School Hannah Shafer Email Hannah Shafer
West High School Beth Hennes Email Beth Hennes