Monday, December 4, 2017 - 1:45pm

Thanksgiving was fast approaching. Unfortunately, many families didn’t have enough to eat during the holidays.  The Lindbergh Elementary community helped by partnering with the Goodman Community Center, which brought over 3500 Thanksgiving meals to families this year. In fact, some of the families who benefited from this food drive live right here in our local Northside neighborhood.

Lindbergh students, families, staff, and community members and partners helped. From mid-October to Friday, November 17, Lindbergh collected non-perishable food items. 5th graders also got involved and they were hard at work! They created signs and flyers to send to families to advertise collecting coin and non-perishable food items as well as advertise a bake sale. They went to classrooms to collect coins daily and collect non-perishable food items weekly for “Thanksgiving Baskets and Books”. They also volunteered their time to have a bake sale booth at lunch on Friday, November 17 and received $125 from the bake sale. All proceeds were delivered to the Goodman Center on Friday, November 17. Lindbergh’s school goal was to collect 700 non-perishable food items/dollars (1$/non-perishable food item). Students even created a thermometer to track their progress! I am happy to report that they met their goal.

We called the campaign “Thanksgiving Baskets and Books” because donations not only provided Thanksgiving meals, but also provided books for the library. The goal was 700 items/dollars because $700 is the amount of Lindbergh’s general lost book fines. The librarian was able to delete $1 from the fines for each item/dollar raised. In addition, the Lindbergh School Endowment Fund matched $1 for each item/dollar raised up to $500. Money from the endowment fund will be used to purchase new books for the school library. 

With the influx of new titles, interest in reading will increase as students are excited to be in the library to find new books that peak their interests and let them discover other cultures across the globe.

Thank you to the following:

5th grade students: Justin, Kenny, Monse, Gianna, Isaac, Emma, Cassie, Cassandra, Gianna, Aiden, Lars, Elena, Damarion, Sorimar, Jetrin, Savannah, 4th grade students (advertising on morning announcements), Ka’nia, Lauriana, Ibrahim, and Evan

Lindbergh Staff: All Lindbergh Staff, Lindsay Maglio, principal, Ben Langer, Quinn Marx, Mandy Meloy, Clara Elena Salinas, Que Vang, and Pam Vitale 

Community Partners: Catholic Charities, TASC, Kennedy Heights Community Center, LakeView Public Library

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