Friday, December 15, 2017 - 9:00am

Lindbergh students

Congratulations to Lindbergh 5th grade students Justin D. and Kenny Y., who were awarded the Children’s Theater of Madison’s (CTM) Kindness Award in December! CTM celebrates youth who are making a positive difference in their school, community, and the world through their Kindness Campaign.

CTM acknowledged Justin and Kenny along with other award winners for their community engagement with a presentation of award from CTM, tickets for each student and three family members/friends to attend "A Christmas Carol" at Overture Center, a photo with the cast, backstage tour of the Capitol Theater and set of the show, and two tickets per student to the three remaining CTM shows in the season (Tuck Everlasting, Diary of a Worm, A Spider, and A Fly, and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane)!

Lindbergh’s Library Media Technology Specialist, Mandy Meloy, recommended Justin and Kenny for their work as a team of 5th grade “tech ninjas.”

Meloy writes:

Spring 2017, our school, Lindbergh Elementary (K-5) went 1:1 (1 device per student). Going 1:1, our school technology team needed to figure out a way to work with administration, staff, teachers, families, and students on how to use the chromebooks and be good digital citizens (use technology appropriately and safely). The 1:1 team piloted a program we called “tech ninjas.” We asked 4th and 5th graders to apply for a job that would help students, teachers, and staff be safe, ethical users of technology as well as troubleshoot common technology problems. Kenny and Justin applied and were accepted to be tech ninjas. As 4th grade tech ninjas, they worked with Kindergarten and 1st graders to take care of and login into chromebooks. This was no easy feat as Kenny and Justin had endless patience assisting and showing the younger grades each letter or number that they needed to type in order to get into the chromebook. Justin and Kenny even helped 2nd grade students fix problems when some 2nd grade students could not demonstrate good digital citizenship. Justin and Kenny worked with those 2nd graders to write and record a script about being a good digital citizen. They helped these students to be part of the solution instead of the problem. 

Check out one of Justin and Kenny's morning announcements.

Now as 5th grade tech ninjas, Kenny and Justin continue to help the younger grades with technology and digital citizenship. They are also responsible for the Wednesday morning announcements at school. Each Thursday, they video record an announcement for the following Wednesday. They work within the Positive Behavior Theme of the month and work together to create, write, and video record the announcements. They are on time without having to be reminded and they are very professional.

This year, the Lindbergh community participated in a service learning project. Some Lindbergh 5th graders have stepped up to collect cans and coins to give to the Goodman Community Center Thanksgiving Baskets. Kenny and Justin jumped at the chance. With this group of 5th grade students, they created flyers, posters, and collected coins and cans. With the other 5th grade participants, Justin and Kenny held a bake sale at lunch. All proceeds went to the Goodman Community Center. 

Kenny and Justin are a true team. They listen to each other, help and collaborate together, and make the school a positive place. The younger students always wave to them when they walk down the halls. Justin and Kenny always are polite and wave back. Kenny and Justin are respectful to staff and students alike. In the words of Kenny and Justin, “we are learning that helping people in need is the right thing to do for our entire lives” (Wednesday, November 15 morning announcements). Indeed, their lasting impact of helping others is felt at Lindbergh and will be felt wherever they go. 

A shout out to Justin and Kenny and their families as well as all young people who are spreading kindness. You make a difference and your voice matters.

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