Thursday, October 22, 2015 - 1:30pm

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Pearl Frye-Joplin, Academic Coordinator and after school tutor, and Raquel MacSwain, an AmeriCorps member, had a vision of uniting students with their communities by having them display their talents. The 'Madison's Schools Got Talent' event is a joint partnership with Club TNT and Breaking Barriers, an MMSD partner whose vision it is to empower at-risk youth and young men and women in our community to make positive life choices that enable them to maximize their personal potential.


With modern day genres of music and the negative effects on our youth, we seek to teach our kids about the true origins of hip-hop and how it was originally designed which was to bring together various cultures and communities.

Breaking Barriers and Club TNT have designed a unique competition for the kids that will allow Kurtis Blow to give a live performance. In 1979, Kurtis Blow became the first rapper to be signed to a major record label called Mercury. His first album was called the “Christmas Rappin”, followed by his song the “Breaks” which sold millions. Kurtis Blow is a positive hip-hop artist who promotes non-violence, culture, unity and education. He has spoken at many high schools both nationwide and around the world. Madison’s Got Talent Competition is a unique way to bring kids together, cross-cultural boundaries, as well as educate our kids about the true essence of hip-hop culture. This feeds our need to get our youth involved in racial diversity as well as American history. In addition to assisting in cultivating our kids’ talents, we want to provide them with this unique opportunity to display their talent before live media along with professional record producers and artists. Our goal is to increase our kids’ level of engagement in schools and eradicating racism in the community.

Additionally, Kurtis Blow will be performing and sharing his knowledge of the hip hop culture to the audience during the event.

This event will be televised by TNT on the CBS Network TV W14. 


1st: certificate of participation, $1300 package (recording, mixing, mastering, studio time, and beat), perform live with Kurtis Blow during event, receive 2 backstage passes to meet and greet with Kurtis Blow & receive $50.

2nd: certificate of participate, perform during event, win 1 backstage pass along with personal meet and greet Kurtis Blow.

3rd: certificate of participation, perform during event, win 1 backstage pass along with personal meet and greet with Kurtis Blow.

We are looking for ways to fund this amazing event, if you are interested in sponsorship, financial contributions, or other means of support please contact:

Pearl: ext: 4424

Raquel: ext: 4660

Or (608) 845 4300

See the flyer to learn more!


  1. Only high school students allowed in the competition grades 9-12
  2. Rappers, Dancers, singers and spoken word poets are wanted
  3. We will allow 30 seconds for introductions. State name, grade, school and what you will be performing.
  4. Only clean music and content allowed
  5. Names must be submitted by the students’ school to Ms. Raquel and Ms. Pearl
  6. Be on time for the competition.
  7. Bring a pre-script of the lyrical context for all eight judges. 
  8. Be willing to take constructive feedback from professional produces and artists.
  9. Only 5 minutes allowed per category
  10. Understand our point system.

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