Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) administrators and staff continue to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak locally, across the United States and globally.  At this time, there are two active cases of COVID-19 in Wisconsin, with one of those cases being in Dane County.  It is also being reported that in each of these recent cases there was a history of domestic travel.  Public health officials are still indicating that the risk to our area remains relatively low, however that is not the case in other areas of the country and world.

Therefore, as a preventative measure, MMSD is imposing a temporary out of state travel restriction on all district related staff and student travel. This includes travel for meetings, conferences, field trips or any other events outside the state of Wisconsin. We will keep this district travel restriction in place until further notice, and will regularly revisit the status of these preventive measures.  

MMSD has an interdisciplinary team developing a plan on how the district will continue to respond to COVID-19 if our risk levels should increase. This team has been meeting daily to review updates and communicate with local and state health officials, neighboring school districts as well as receiving guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

It is important to note that this is a time of preparation in support of keeping our students, staff and community safe and healthy.  To reduce levels of anxiety, it is important to keep yourself updated on the latest developments and those around you accurately informed.  You can find more information on our MMSD Coronavirus web page at

We will be providing staff and families a COVID-19 update each Friday, or sooner if necessary, to keep you informed on the latest developments and updates on MMSD planning and preparedness. 

Thank you for your time and understanding.