Throughout this situation MMSD has been working with other officials in the city and county.  Childcare for health care professionals and first responders has been identified as a community priority. Please see the message below from UW Health.  Thank you and stay safe. 

We recognize the recent announcement to close all Wisconsin public schools indefinitely creates challenges for many families. To support employees during this time, UW Health is launching a program called Matching with Care. This program is intended to match all available caregivers in local communities, ranging from high school or college students to local teachers or day care providers, with UW Health staff who need emergency backup care services. 

We are asking you to consider yourselves, a family member (ex: high school or college student) or close friend (ex: local day care provider or teacher who may be out of work at this time) to complete a short survey, indicating your availability to provide care for those in need. Human Resources will review results from this survey and match it with the request of a UW Health employee in need of childcare services. Based on available matches, caregivers and staff members will be contacted directly.

Every attempt will be made to match all UW Health staff in need with an available caregiver and priority will be given to the most critical patient care staff in need of care. Please keep in mind when arranging care with the match, UW Health employees are responsible for making the agreed upon payment directly to the caregiver. Complete the survey 

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact UW Health Human Resources by calling (608) 263-6500.