There are a lot of questions and perspectives related to Public Health Madison and Dane County’s release of the Forward Dane Plan, and hopefully this information will help clarify and provide answers to questions as they relate to summer sports programs and facilities.  

We will continue to gather information and provide clarifications as information is made available to us. We appreciate and recognize this is not ideal or what we are used to; however, we recognize our responsibility to be great partners with our community and implement safety protocols that will aid in resuming the in-person programming we all miss, and to keep our students safe.

The Governor’s General Counsel has defined the end of the 2019-2020 school year as June 30, 2020 – the statutorily determined end of the school year. This means that school buildings and associated grounds are closed to students for instructional and extracurricular activities through that date. It is possible that an additional order may extend that time further. 

MMSD will implement the following additional provisions in support of Forward Dane and the safe reopening of our schools and community:

1) Virtual spring coaching only can occur through May 30th for spring sports.

2) Virtual summer training activities may begin June 1st related to general strength and fitness training. 

3) MMSD athletic programs will not have in-person programming, this includes summer contact, open gyms, camps, clinics or other training opportunities through July 31st. Additionally:

  • School buildings will be closed through July 31, 2020. This includes all facilities and grounds including athletic fields, outdoor courts, and stadiums, with the exception of certain daycare providers (MSCR, YMCA, Lussier, WYC, and Red Caboose) who will be allowed to utilize our facilities as essential services.
  • MSCR has cancelled all summer programming for the summer session. They may launch a few outdoor activities in July/Aug, but no in building programming will be scheduled.
  • MMSD athletics will not hold any summer contact sessions in person nor encourage students to gather outside of school grounds, to train through July 31st at this time:

MMSD will continue to provide resources for virtual platforms and best practices to continue to provide quality education-based athletic programs as we continue to plan for a return to normal levels of operation when it is deemed safe and when we are able to meet the needs for appropriate cleanliness, hygiene, monitoring, and interaction to safely operate athletic programming.  

Thank you for all you do to support our student-athletes. Please remember and know that we see these words ringing truer every day as we work through this situation and see the value of connections made through our programs, “School isn't just a building, high school sports aren't just a game, match, race, meet, or contest.”