2020 Referenda - Future Ready

Memorial High School

Project Updates

April 13, 2021 Update

The MMSD Building Services staff gave an update at the April 12, 2021, Board meeting on the status of the projects funded by the referendum. The full meeting can be found here. (The referendum update begins at 1:22:36) A summary of Memorial's information is below.

“Making the building accessible for students with disabilities is huge. People of color who have disabilities are especially important to consider with this redesign. I'm also thinking about how often time, special ed rooms and classrooms for non-AP/advanced classes are sometimes not the most welcoming places. These are the spaces that are often occupied by students of color. Sometimes they are rooms that many teachers share, so teachers can't personalize or invest in the space. Kids can tell when a room feels blank or run down. Those aren't rooms that kids are excited to spend time in…”
- Student quote, from feedback session

Some potential design shifts for Memorial that have come from your feedback are:

  • Enlarging some Career and Technical Education spaces
  • Enlarging space for Student Services
  • Grouping of staff offices to create more space for student collaboration

Picture mock-ups

blueprint showing classroom and hallway space
This blueprint shows what classrooms and hallway spaces could look like.


January 28, 2021 Update

A team of architects are working with our MMSD Building Services staff to hold input and feedback sessions with students, families, staff and community members to determine next steps.


This year is a planning year, and we want to make sure your voices and ideas are included throughout the process.


We held a virtual feedback session on January 26 to give an overview of what the architects are planning and collect your thoughts and ideas. If you missed it, feel free to watch the video and submit your feedback using the green button above.


Construction and renovations are tentatively scheduled to begin in Summer 2022, while buildings are unoccupied.

Construction timeline

construction timeline
Updated timeline for all schools


decorative leaf Sustainability Projects

As part of our commitment to sustainable and healthy high schools, environmentally responsible improvements are integrated into many aspects of the referenda. Plans call for the expansion of current efforts, while also introducing new ones, aligned with the school board’s Renewable Energy Resolution.

Components of the current recommendation include LED lighting and natural light, where possible, with an energy-efficient design, 250 kW PV (Photovoltaic) Array, new and efficient mechanical systems and integrated learning opportunities. Additional scope considerations include expanding PV capacity.

With student and staff wellness guiding our decision making, we’re planning for increased opportunities for outdoor learning and the expansion of current sustainable food practices.