Tech Support & Devices

Select your school from the dropdown menu below to find the name and email of your school's LMTS and begin this process. In the email message, include your name, your child's name and student ID number. Then give us as much detail about your issue as you can. Example: Is the device not turning on at all, or does your student not remember their password? If you have already submitted a request, please know that we are working to respond and there is no need to make a duplicate request.

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If you are unable to send an email, call 608-204-5678 and leave a detailed message that includes your name, student ID (if available), school, and as many details as you can provide about what's wrong with your student's device.

Device Exchange

Starting April 5, there will be no longer be device exchange HUBs. If you need assistance with a device, please contact your school's LMTS.

MMSD Wifi Solutions

We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure all students can access the internet for virtual learning. Find internet access options here.

Tech Support

If you are looking for support with access to instructional resources, need a password reset, need assistance with your student issued device, or need to request either a Chromebook or Hotspot, please reach out to your LMTS, using the link below. This flowchart outlines our process, so you know the next steps we will take to resolve your issue.

phone icon Call to Family Helpline or Email LMTS email icon

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speech bubble icon LMTS Returns Call or Email to Solve Issue

If not resolved, ticket is generated

Device Swap

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pick up. delivery.

Hot Spot Request / Troubleshooting

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Software Troubleshooting

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thumbs up solved. thumbs down not resolved.

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Contact Manufacturer