Tdap vaccine: May 2016

The Tdap vaccine is a required immunization for students entering 6th grade. Tdap is the adolescent combination vaccine that protects against Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (whooping cough). Only one dose is required. Parents need to make sure that their child is immunized with the Tdap vaccine by the 30th day of school in the fall; otherwise, there is the risk of the child being excluded from school. Parents whose children are not up to date will receive a letter from MMSD at the end of 5th grade and then again in the beginning of 6th grade. If you have questions, call 663-8427. Learn more.

Spring is the Time to Schedule Well-Child Visits: March 2016

Spring is an important time to schedule your child and/or adolescent’s yearly well-child visit. A parent or guardian often knows to take his or her child to their health care provider when sick, but may forget that a visit for their healthy child is just as important. If your child is going into kindergarten or 6th grade it is especially important to schedule the well-child visit as there is a new set of immunization requirements at these ages.

What are the benefits of well-child visits?

  • Prevention: Get scheduled immunizations to prevent illnesses such as mumps, measles, chickenpox, pertussis and more. This is also time to ask about nutrition and safety in the home and at school.
  • Track Growth and Development: Learn how much your child has grown in the time since your last visit, and talk with the health professional about your child’s growth chart and development. You can also discuss your child’s milestones, social behaviors and learning.
  • Raise Concerns: Make a list of topics you want to talk about with your child’s healthcare provider such as development, behavior, sleep, eating, alcohol or drug concerns, or getting along with family members.
  • Team Approach: Schools, health care providers and parents/guardians can create a strong support network for your child and/or adolescent. This team approach helps develop optimal physical, mental, behavioral, intellectual and social health for your child.

If you have questions about scheduling a well-child visit for your child and/or adolescent and or concerns about insurance coverage, please call your school nurse. In addition, Kirsten Engelbert, MMSD’s family health liaison, a Spanish speaker, can also assist you with a Medicaid application. Kirsten’s number is 442-2141 and email address is

Seasonal Flu Vaccine: October 2015

Have you gotten your flu vaccine this season? If not, now's the time. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that anyone 6 months and older should get an annual flu vaccination to prevent the flu as well as flu-related complications that could lead to severe illness, hospitalization and even death. By getting a flu vaccine for yourself and your entire family you can prevent flu-related illnesses, missed work and school due to flu. In addition, when most of us are immunized in the community against the flu, it protects those who cannot fight diseases or get immunized, such as babies too young to be immunized, those with weak immune systems, and those who cannot receive the vaccine for health reasons. Getting a flu vaccine is more convenient than ever before. The MMSD offers Flu Shot Clinics for employees at several school sites from October 9th through October 22nd. In addition, vaccines are available in a variety of locations, for example, from your doctor or Public Health Madison and Dane County (PHMDC), and at many pharmacies. To find a flu vaccination clinic near you, use HealthMap Vaccine Finder. If you are considering getting your flu shot through PHMDC, go to Influenza or call (608) 266-4821. For more information on flu vaccination go to Flu Season is Around the Corner, CD.

Measles outbreak: February 2015

The CDC has reported an outbreak of measles in the U.S. It is important for you to check your child’s immunization records to make sure he/she has received two doses of MMR vaccine. Measles can spread easily to and from unimmunized children. In addition to being at risk for getting sick if exposed to measles, children with one or zero doses of MMR will not be able to come to school for two weeks if exposed.Learn more.

Need health insurance?

Kirsten Engelbert, Family Health Liaison at Madison Metropolitan School District, is here to advocate for student and family health. In the MMSD, one of our priorities is to make sure that all children are healthy. Healthy children can focus more on learning and play, and do better in school.

If your family is uninsured, contact Kirsten. She is available to help families apply for BadgerCare benefits or purchase health insurance through the Marketplace. Kirsten is always ready to boost communication between families and schools, help with benefits applications, or answer questions about BadgerCare insurance or the Celebrate Smiles dental program.

If you need help applying for BadgerCare or Marketplace coverage, you can call and set up an individual appointment with Kirsten. She is able to meet anywhere in the district. Kirsten is available by phone, text, and email:

(608)442-2141 – office
(608)576-1197 – cell

The start of the year is always an exciting time. After weeks of vacation, we hope that students come back ready and excited to learn. Wellness and good health are an important part of every child’s education. While we’re checking off our school-supply lists, getting to know new teachers, and gearing up for the year ahead, it’s important to make a checklist of wellness too:

  • Are my child’s vaccinations up-to-date?
  • Is my child insured?
  • Do I know who my school nurse is and where the office is located?
  • Does the school nurse know about my child’s health needs?
  • When was the last time my child had a check-up with a doctor?


Are my child’s vaccinations up to date?

Vaccinations don’t just protect your child – they protect everyone your child comes in contact with. Certain vaccinations are required by MMSD to protect all our students and staff. You can find the list of required immunizations on the MMSD Health Services webpage. You can also check the Wisconsin Immunization Registry and view information about the free immunization clinic. Check the registry, or talk with your doctor to make sure that your vaccination schedule is complete, or up to date.