Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - 2:30pm

Get your team together. Online registration available 

Adult Summer Softball Leagues registration is open. Go to www.mscr.org or www.mscrsportsleagues.org to register now.             

Leagues are for men and women age 16 and older who are Madison Metropolitan School District residents. There is a 12 player minimum to register and each team may have 50 percent of the roster as nonresidents. People may play on multiple teams but are limited to one team per night. Divisions of play include Slow Pitch Leagues for men, women & coed teams and Fast Pitch leagues for men's and women's teams.

Leagues play at various diamonds throughout the Madison. The season starts May 6. 

Teams may also register at MSCR-Hoyt, 3802 Regent Street. For teams registering in-person, application materials are available at www.mscr.org or Monday – Friday, at MSCR Hoyt, 8 am to 5 pm. 

Call 204-3024 or email for more information or go to www.mscr.org

MSCR Softball Player Pool

MSCR has a “Player Pool” to help residents 16 and older find a softball team. No fee until you join a team. Go to www.mscr.org, to register,  or call 204-3024 for more information. 


MSCR offers many recreation programs for all ages at affordable prices.  Programs include: sports leagues, arts & enrichment, fitness, outdoor adventure, recreational sports, swimming and many other fitness and leisure opportunities.  Please call 204-3000 or stop by MSCR at 3802 Regent Street for more information.  Or visit MSCR’s website at www. mscr.org

MSCR, a department of the Madison Metropolitan School District, is a public service recreation department serving the community since 1926.  


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