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Madison Metropolitan School District

At Risk Plan

How we identify students at risk of not graduating

Students at risk of not graduating are students in 5-12 grades who withdrew before finishing high school or are two or more of the following:

  • Behind their age group in high school credits attained
  • Two or more years behind their age group in basic skill levels
  • Students who are habitually truant
  • Male/female teen parents and pregnant teens
  • Students determined to have been adjudicated a delinquent based on court system reports 
  • Eighth grade students who fall into the bottom range in all subject areas on state-mandated tests, failed state-mandated tests or were not promoted to 9th grade.

What you can expect if your student meets two or more at-risk criteria

A person from your child's school will contact you to provide information about what it means to be “at risk” of not graduating. They will also schedule a time to talk about how the school can work with you to get your child back on track.

You also will receive a letter explaining this information.

As a parent, you can always call your school’s counselor, social worker, or psychologist to ask questions, talk about support and get resources. We are here to help and support our students and families.

In general, just because a student meets two or more criteria for being “at-risk” doesn't mean they won’t graduate. It means we want to keep an eye on their progress and make sure they have the support necessary to graduate.

Frequently Asked Questions