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Madison Metropolitan School District

Multilingual Programs and Services

Our Vision

Our office envisions a school community in which all students are well prepared for responsible engagement in our linguistically and culturally diverse local and global communities.

Our Values

Our office  values the linguistic and cultural human rights of every student.  The work of our division reflects these values by providing equitable access to high quality multilingual, multicultural, and global education.  This work is strengthened through community engagement and shared responsibility of all stakeholders.

We believe that all students:

  • are language learners and all teachers are language teachers
  • have a cultural and linguistic identity that should be valued and developed
  • deserve equitable access to learning
  • should have early access to learning English and one, or more, additional languages
  • deserve a school culture that is accepting of language diversity and diverse cultural backgrounds
  • need intercultural skills to engage within their local and global community
  • come from a community that cares and values their education
Elementary students participate in music class.