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Madison Metropolitan School District

Bilingual Hmong-English Program Enrollment Information

Application Deadline:

Application window opens February 23rd, 2021. 

Application window closes on April 30th, 2021 at 4pm.

Application window for open enrollment for students new to MMSD opens February 1st and closes April 30th, 2021 at 4pm.

Notification of acceptance into the program will be communicated with parents/guardians on or after May 10, 2021. 

Bilingual Hmong-English programming is available at the following school and grade levels for the 2021-22 school year:

Lake View Elementary School:


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Enrollment Process:

Students Already in MMSD

  1. Use your MMSD username and password to complete the Bilingual Hmong-English Program Application.

If your child already attends an MMSD school or resides in a school attendance area that is not Lake View Elementary School, your online application to the Hmong bilingual program - if approved - serves as your internal transfer application, too. No further action is required until registration in August 2021.

If your child is currently in the bilingual program, you do not need to re-apply; your child automatically continues in the program for the following school year.

Students New to MMSD

  1. Enroll online to the Madison Metropolitan School District at

    The online enrollment print-out should be taken to the home attendance area school to complete enrollment.  Parents/guardians may look up their home attendance area school at

    Online enrollment for 4K and 5K students begins February 22. On March 1, school staff will be available via Zoom to assist you in the process. For additional information regarding enrollment please visit 
  2. Use your MMSD username and password from your completed online enrollment (from Step 1 above) to complete the Bilingual Hmong-English Program Application.

Students Enrolling from a Different School District

  1. Complete an open enrollment application with the WI Department of Public Instruction to be considered for the program AND 
  2. Complete online enrollment with the Madison Metropolitan School District at AND
  3. Complete a Bilingual Hmong-English Program Application.

Bilingual Hmong-English programming is not a program option for 4 year-old kindergarten.  For information on 4K, please visit:

Application Process:

The Bilingual Hmong-English Program is open to all MMSD students who have Hmong spoken in their homes; however, it is only available at the school and grade levels listed above.  Students living outside of the attendance area of the schools above may apply; however, students living within each attendance area are given preference into the Hmong bilingual program.

Attendance Area Preference:

  • Preference into the Bilingual Hmong-English Program is given to students who reside in the attendance areas of:
    • Lake View Elementary School
    • Lindbergh Elementary School
    • Mendota Elementary School
    • Gompers Elementary School

The school district provides transportation for students to the program daily who reside within the attendance areas listed above.

  • Preference is also given to siblings and twins of students already enrolled in the Bilingual Hmong-English Program. This preference is only for siblings in the same household in order to keep families together in the same attendance area/school.

The Hmong bilingual program is optional and requires an online application. Parents/guardians must complete the application to be considered for participation in the program. Completing an application does not guarantee that your child will be admitted to the program.

Program Commitment:

Parents/guardians are required to attend a Bilingual Hmong-English Program Parent Informational Session.  It is very important that parents/guardians understand the goals of the bilingual program and understand that by enrolling your child, you are committing to keeping him/her in the program (to the best of your ability) through at least 8th grade, minimally, due to the length of time it takes to learn a second language.   

If you need assistance, please call the Office of Multilingual and Global Education 663-4950 or Lake View Elementary School at 204-4040.

Staff can help you apply over the phone. You will receive an email acknowledging your application to the bilingual program was received (if you provided an email address). If you do not receive confirmation within one week of submission, please contact the Office of Multilingual and Global Education or email