Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 11:30am

Need an employment verification?

Are you seeking an employment verification for student loan forgiveness, to make a purchase, or other reasons? Other reasons you may need an employment verification include DPI licensure (forms 1678 & 1613), teacher loan forgiveness, public service forgiveness, verification of employment dates and positions held or any other verification that requires payroll information. Submit your forms to Human Resources via email at or fax to 608-204-0346. Forms will be completed within a week and returned directly to the servicer requesting the information, or the staff member (upon request).

Substitute Office staffing update

Welcome Lucero Sandoval-Ruiz to the sub office!  

Lucero was the receptionist at the front desk in Human Resources, but has now transioned into the sub clerk role. For all your sub needs, please contact Latrice White at 663-1846 or and/or Lucero Sandoval at 663-1862 or

Questions? Deetra Sallis, Director of Employment & Talent Management, or 663-1867

Major Change to Paycheck Distribution for teachers

The District’s current default pay option for teachers is to receive 12 paychecks per school year. However, with the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement, the District can no longer legally spread out a teacher’s pay over 12 paychecks unless the teacher voluntarily requests this frequency of payment. Thus, the default pay option will be 10 pay checks per school year. Learn more and enroll.


Questions? Kim Callies Bleiler, Asst Payroll Supervisor,


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