The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will support focus and consistency of great teaching and learning across schools in Madison. Your child will thrive as our community embarks on this new challenge.

A 3rd grade language arts
student will learn...
  • how to read a wide range of stories and describe how a story teaches a lesson
  • how to describe characters in a story and how their actions contributed to events
  • the rules of spoken and written English
  • to gather information from books, articles, and online sources to build understanding of a topic

The Common Core State Standards are important because they will outline what your child must know and demonstrate in each grade level in order to be college, career and community ready in literacy and math by the end of high school. This year, Madison Schools have initiated a three-year plan to implement the Common Core.

Here are some highlights:

  • The Common Core is focused. There are fewer standards so teachers can target deep understanding.
  • The Common Core is aligned to post-secondary expectations like college or career training. Upon graduating from high school, students will be ready for success.
  • The Common Core sets the bar high for each grade, challenging students to think critically and solve problems.

With great teachers and parents, the Common Core will help every student achieve high expectations and be ready for life after high school. Parents will receive grade-specific information on the Common Core at parent/teacher conferences in November.

As a teacher, I like the Common Core because I get to bring my expertise and knowledge of my students to the classroom as I think about the best way to meet the standards. - Lachele Greenlee, Hawthorne Teacher

I’m glad we set the bar higher. I like knowing that the standards of my child’s education are comparable to the world around us. - Emily Berggren, Marquette Parent

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