student pointing to this new magnetHere's how a quick glance at your refrigerator magnet can help you boost your child's learning.

You're preparing dinner. Your son bursts into the kitchen to express his excitement about an upcoming birthday party. Posted on your refrigerator is an at-a-glance list of your son's grade-level standards in language arts, held in place by a magnet that reads, Get More from the Common Core. The list reminds you to use your child's excitement to fuel a learning opportunity.

For example, in first grade, children will learn to retell stories, using details, and be able to answer questions based on what they have read. So while you're chopping vegetables you ask, "Does the invitation say where the party will be?" or "What kind of party is it? Does the invitation say you should bring anything?" Your child rereads the invitation, summarizes the facts he has read, and even makes a few inferences!

picture of the magnetBy understanding what is expected in the Common Core State Standards, an everyday conversation with your child can become a simple, yet powerful way to support your child’s learning.

Get More from the Common Core magnets and at-a-glance summaries of grade level language arts standards are available now at all MMSD elementary schools. Many schools will be distributing them at school events such as literacy nights—contact your school to learn how you can receive yours. Through great teachers and involved families our students will be college, career and community ready.

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