Here you’ll find the 2017-18 Madison Metropolitan School District policy guides for our elementary and secondary schools. These documents list several key policies and standards that pertain to behavior, family engagement, attendance, emergency situations, special education, computer and Internet use and more.

Please note: There has been an update to the district policy guide ADA information, which can be found on page 105 of the elementary guide and 109 in the secondary guide. The change was made on September 26, 2017. If you have previously opened the document, you may need to refresh to see the updated version.

School Supplements to the District Policy Guide

In addition to the above policy guides, below you’ll find each school’s policy guide supplement – a document customized for your school that may include important phone numbers, classroom placement procedures, transportation information and after-school childcare options. This document was formerly known as the school handbook. Click on the name of your school to view or download your school supplement.

All files below in PDF pdf document format.