Tuesday, November 8, 2016 - 2:00pm

Congratulations to East High and Huegel Elementary for being selected to receive a 2016-2018 Innovation Grant! East High School’s “The Mentor Project” will build a strong, sustainable schoolwide structure to support the successful transition of primarily African American young women and men to 9th grade and is generously supported by the MG&E Foundation.

Huegel’s “Building Community and Capacity for Learning through Intellectually and Culturally Responsive Play-Based Teaching” seeks to expand 4K early childhood programming through learning events called “play parties” for families with young children. Huegel’s project and a unique effort led by the Office of Early and Extended Learning to redesign 4K summer school with an emphasis on family engagement are supported by Attic Angel Prairie Point which has provided funding to support innovation in early childhood.

MMSD’s Innovation Grant program is designed to provide up to $30,000 per grant to support the planning and implementation of an innovative school-based project for up to two years. We define innovation as the process of trying something new or different that has the potential to address an identified need and produce better outcomes for students.

Learn more about this annual opportunity to innovate in MMSD.

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