Monday, November 21, 2016 - 3:30pm

La Follette’s Key Club opened Key Harvest Food Pantry at La Follette High School on September 1, 2016. Due to multiple fundraisers, and very kind donations from the community; Key Harvest is able to provide La Follette students and families with accessible snacks, personal hygiene items, and complete meals. There are five Key Club officers who are involved with maintaining, stocking, and running the pantry. At this point, six Key Club members are working the pantry during the pantry’s open hours. Key Club President Danielle Wendricks played a large role in contacting different organizations to donate items. She also worked with Ms. Donna Kennedy (Key Club Advisor and La Follette Business Education Instructor) and different administrators at La Follette to make the pantry the best that it can be. It is a cooperative effort involving the officers, Key Club members, and donors. The pantry served over 70 students, and was able to give out just over 1,000 food items during the first quarter of this school year. The La Follette Key Club is excited to see how the pantry continues to flourish and grow.

If you’d like to get involved or are interested learning more, check out the website

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