Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - 2:00pm

At Memorial High School, all freshmen spend the majority of first quarter in their American Experience class (9th grade Social Studies) completing a challenging research project. The multi-part project has students follow their family’s immigration or migration story and the historical context surrounding the journey. As part of the course, students learn the history of immigration and migration in class with their textbook and other hands-on activities. From there, students complete a personal interview with a family member to learn more information about who in their family moved from one place to another.

Then, students come to the Library for focused mini-lessons on: using databases like Ancestry Library Edition and Gale Virtual Reference Library; using reference books efficiently; how to cite sources properly in a bibliography; and how to find charts and graphs and write captions. Teachers and librarians co-teach content and work together to support students during individual, guided work time. The final product is a poster that highlights all the research, writing, and critical thinking students completed.
On November 1, all students projects were on display in the main gym for a special evening event. Families brought food from their culture, there were dance and band performances, and students, staff, and community members had the opportunity to see all the students work. We had over 800 people attend! It was a great evening that celebrated the stories of our students and our families.


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