Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 3:00pm

We are excited to invite MMSD staff and students to attend special free performances at the Overture Center available as part of the International Performing Arts for Youth conference (IPAY), January 18-21, 2017.

The IPAY conference is the premiere event in North America dedicated to promoting the best in international performing arts for young audiences and this is the first (and perhaps only) time it is being held in Madison. As part of the conference, we are happy to offer special educational daytime performances featuring top children's performers from around the world. Information about each of the performances is attached and also available online.

Since this is a special offering outside of our usual OnStage season there are a few things to take note of when ordering tickets:

  1. Pricing: All tickets are free but space is limited.

  2. Buses: We will as usual provide parking for buses but we do need to know your final numbers by January 1.

  3. Resource guides: We will not be creating resource guides for each show but many of them do have guides already created. Please let me know if you would like assistance in tracking those down.

  4. Performance length: Each performance differs in length, as noted on the attached document and on the online order form.

  5. Subsidies: As the performances are free we will not be offering seat or transportation subsidies for these performances.

  6. Limits: You may attend as many performances as you would like but please note that space in each performance is limited.

  7. Venues: All of these performances take place here at Overture but the locations vary, as noted.

Attached is a list of available shows for your students, hand selected as the top children's performers from around the world, free for you and your students to attend. Request your seats online today!.

We hope you take advantage of this great, rare opportunity!
Questions? Alanna Medearis, 258-4148 or

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