Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 10:45am


This Saturday, guest chefs Tory Miller, Lisa Jacobson, and Kristine Miller will be on hand for the REAP Chef in the Classroom Benefit Breakfast

The guest chefs, along with East High School and Sherman Middle School students, will be cooking up a delightful breakfast featuring local ingredients from Dane County Farmer's Market vendors. Learn more about the wonderful Chef in the Classroom program from our friends at REAP Food Group below, get hungry for the breakfast, and get your grocery list ready to grab some Wisconsin goodies from local vendors.

Chop, chop, mince, mince.... 

Chef in the Classroom is part of REAP's Farm to School Program, and builds students' confidence and excitement in the kitchen, teaching them valuable skills about cooking fresh, healthy meals using local ingredients. Students are encouraged to taste, smell, touch, and appreciate fresh and healthy ingredients, and are empowered to bring the recipes and ideas home to their families. Kids learn to make everything from calzones to traditional Mexican sopes - all from scratch and using locally grown ingredients. This program provides valuable information about agriculture, nutrition, sustainability, and encourages them to explore a culinary career.

REAP's Chef in the Classroom program runs at Madison East High School and Sherman Middle School. 

Each semester at East High School, four local chefs prepare recipes with 2 - 4 cooking classes, exposing students to new ingredients and flavors. 

At Sherman Middle School, the program reaches the entire 7th grade, where students create eight different seasonal dishes over the course of the year. 

REAP Farm to School AmeriCorps members play a vital role in the planning, recipe preparation, and educational delivery of this program.

The REAP Chef in the Classroom Benefit Breakfast is a special event, considering the history of the program. 

Chef Tory Miller played a key role in launching the program at Sherman Middle School. Similarly, Chef Lisa Jacobson started the Chef in the Classroom Program at East High School, when she was a REAP staff member. 

There is no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen this week. Tory, Lisa, and Kristine have put together an unexpected and amazing menu featuring local ingredients from Jordandal Farms, Pecatonica Valley Farms, Snug Haven Farm, Herb and Oyster, and many others!

Check out the menu below. The breakfast starts at 8:30 am and features a special benefit price of $12 per person. (This week there are no half-sized portions.) All proceeds benefit REAP's Chef in the Classroom program.

Menu for Saturday, March 4
  • Shoyu ramen* with pork, a marinated soft boiled egg, frost-sweetened spinach, and mushrooms prepared by Tory 
  • Garlic sausage banh mi*, Vietnamese style pickled vegetables, cilantro mayo prepared by Lisa
  • Mini dougnut in spiced sugar prepared by Kristine
Locally Roasted Coffee from Rusty Dog Coffee 
Cranberry Juice 
*Vegetarian versions available



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