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The Materials Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Fellowship is scheduled for summer of 2017. For your chance to participate in this exciting opportunity, be sure to apply by April 1, 2017!


Overview of Fellowship

As part of the Materials Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Fellowship we place middle and high school science teachers in Material Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) laboratories for seven weeks. During the fellowship, you will participate in cutting edge research and use the tools, language and practices of science research while designing learning activities for your own classroom. As a fellow, you will work under the direction of of principal investigator (PI) in the College of Engineering along with postdoctoral and graduate students from the PI’s lab.

Fellowships include a $6,000 stipend.

Key Dates

Apply by April 1, 2017!

The fellowship begins on June 12, 2017  and concludes July 28, 2017.  


  1. We will provide science teachers with an authentic research experience.
  2. We will team up with teachers to create new science learning activities for youth inspired by MRSEC research.

Fellowship Description

As an RET Fellow, you will work at the UW-Madison campus in a MRSEC laboratory daily for seven weeks. Not only will you learn about their lab, their research goals and their methods, you will also collaborate with other fellows. You will work together to design classroom activities that are inspired by the research happening in the lab.  You will take part in research meetings, seminars from inspiring researchers, and outreach events. At the outreach events you be able to test the learning activities you design with the public. After the program, you will implement the activities you designed in your own classroom. During the fall semester, MRSEC and Field Day staff will continue to work with you to document and evaluate your project’s effectiveness. Activities that work in the classroom will be made available to other teachers through MRSEC and Field Day websites and initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the daily time schedule/commitment during the seven weeks?

Teachers will be expected to be in the lab for approximately 8 hours/day.  When that 8 hours occurs will vary depending upon the lab culture and the mentor - most labs are very flexible about work schedules. There will be some required events that will occur during a regular 9-5 workday.

Is there housing available through UW?

Housing is not provided as part of the program. However, if you need housing we are willing to work with you to locate a rental or subrental.

Is parking available?

There is parking near the engineering campus that costs $12.00/day.  There is also neighborhood parking within reasonable walking distance. A third option is to do a park and ride where you park off campus and take a Madison Metro city bus to campus. Madison is also very bike-friendly.

Can I receive credits through UW?  

This program does not offer credit. However, if you need documentation related to earning points or professional development requirements that are internal to your district we can help with that. Typically, this involves working with you to provide documentation pertaining to the hours you put in and what you learned as part of the experience.

What kind of work are you doing around emerging bilingual students?  

Although there are not specific programs geared towards emerging bilingual students, this program is being run in collaboration with the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, so some of the curriculum developed is in Spanish and UW participants will work with teachers from Puerto Rico.  If this is an area that a teacher wants to explore while a participant in the program, we  have colleagues at the UW who work in this area and we can connect the teachers to those colleagues.


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