Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - 11:15am

As we we engaged in the Plus/Delta activity, the major Delta themes were: behavior, stress level of teachers, and sub shortage. Plus’ were: Memorial High School’s All School Read, G2 schools receiving their devices, peer classroom visits, and “Read Your Heart Out” activities in many elementary schools.

Leia Esser, Director of Student Physical, Mental, and Behavioral Health presented information to the group. First, the group focused on in-school suspension practices. We began with a small group share about in school suspension and the practices that make it effective. Then, in-school suspension data through winter break was shown to the group. Next, the group annotated an article titled, “Umoja’s Core Beliefs About Restorative Justice in Schools,” with “Keep It!” “Change It!” “Trash It!” or “I have questions.”  We shared at our tables about our annotations and then worked through a “looks like, sounds like, feels like” Y-Chart on the topic of high-quality, restorative ISS practices.  Details of these conversations were recorded at each table for later review.

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