Friday, April 7, 2017 - 12:00pm

Most Americans are not fluent in the language of money.  Yet we are expected to make big financial decisions as early as our teens--should I take on thousands of dollars of student debt or buy a car?  

Even though our students will be required to take a financial literacy course at the high school level, many student’s attitudes and habits related to money management begin much earlier than high school.  What can we do to incorporate financial literacy concepts without making it feel like “something else” to teach?

Are you interested in learning some new money management skills for yourself?  How about adding a little financial literacy to your class(es) without it feeling like “something more”?  Would you like some assistance in providing materials for your class?  Or, do you need a credit or two for license renewal?  

If you said yes to any of these questions, this opportunity is for you! As part of this project, you will:

  • Learn skills and knowledge you can apply to your own financial situation

  • Develop/adapt lessons for your students

  • Pilot one or more lessons in your classroom  

  • Provide feedback on the online pilot modules

  • Earn a $500 stipend and graduate credit, if desired

  • Get classroom materials to support a financial literacy lesson

This opportunity can take two different formats--you pick!

  • Hybrid - one ½ day face-to-face meeting (Saturday, May 6 from 8am - 12 pm) and then completed online

  • Completely online

Interested in graduate credit?

Two  graduate credits will be available through Edgewood at a cost of  $175/credit. Sign up will take place on May 6 (or online if not attending the face to face session).


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