Friday, October 27, 2017 - 1:15pm

Bean planting at LindberghThe Summer Reading and Makerspace at Lindbergh Elementary Library summer 2017 was a success with an average of 40 people attend each week to participate in a variety of activities.

The Lindbergh Elementary Library was open during the summer on Wednesdays from 4pm to 8pm. It included book checkout, craft making, free books, vegetables from the garden, and many community programs. The programs included drum circles, America's Best Flowers planting, stop motion animation from Madison Public Library, sewing, watermelon carving, nature activities from Aldo Leopold Nature Center, and the an obstacle course run by the UW Badger Football players. Lindbergh staff, families, and UW Football players were even on channel 15 news! You can find the story at

Lindbergh Elementary Library was a friendly place for families to gather, meet new people, join in storytime, checkout books, create with makerspace, and explore new technology. Lindbergh partnered with the Lakeview public library as they had librarians attend every week. Additionally, the community was able to participate in the Madison Public Library Summer Reading Program.

Thank you to the following:
Lindbergh families, students, PTA, and community members
MMSD families and community members
Madison Public Library, Madeleine Kain, Lesley Kircher, and Jesse Vieau
Northside Early Childhood Zone
All Lindbergh staff, Lindsay Maglio, principal, Nicole Quandt, Rebecca Frey, Ken Stancer, Lisa Duernberger, Mandy Meloy
Anne Farkas’ mom

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