reading recovery

On May 29, 2018 the Reading Recovery Scholarship Fund awarded $1000 scholarships to four graduating seniors who were successful Reading Recovery students as first graders during the 2006-2007 school year. Graduates [left to right] Samantha DeVilbiss (LaFollette/Madison College), Ian Fransisco (Memorial/UW-Milwaukee),Yee Lor (West/Madison College), [not pictured] Nicholas Stephenson (East/Madison College) were honored for their hard work throughout their education in MMSD schools.

This year’s recipients have had the tenacity to overcome both academic and personal challenges along the way. Teachers, counselors and family members hold a sense of pride in their students’ perseverance, success and contributions to their communities; all are actively involved leaders who set and achieved high goals.

The Reading Recovery scholarships are given out annually through the Foundation for Madison's Public Schools from a generous endowment established by former Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders Marlys Sloup and Dale Wortley. Over the last 15 years, $83,000 has been awarded to deserving high school graduates.