Frequently Asked Questions - Parents

  • What can I do if my child is being bullied at school?

Parents/guardians can access “Report of Bullying/Harassment Incident” forms in their school’s main office or online.  The forms can be submitted to any staff member at your school and they will turn it in to the principal. 

Parents/guardians can also verbally communicate concerns about bullying incidences to any staff member, who will then complete a “Report of Bullying/Harassment Incident.”  If you’d like your child to receive support form a Student Services professional at school, contact your school’s Social Worker or Psychologist.

Parents/guardians of students that are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning can seek additional support through MMSD’s GLBTQ+ Coordinator, Sherie Hohs at 663-8449.

  • If my child is being bullied outside of school and/or cyber-bullied via computer or cell phone, what is the school’s responsibility?

MMSD’s Anti-Bullying Policy prohibits bullying on “all school and district grounds and in all school and district buildings; at all school and district-sponsored activities; and on all vehicles used for transportation to and from school and school sponsored/district-sponsored activities.”

While it is not the responsibility of school staff to respond to incidences of bullying that occur outside of district grounds and during activities not sponsored by the district, these incidences often can carry over and have an impact at school.  Student Services staff are available at each school to assist individual students with challenges outside the school environment and provide conflict mediation.

  •  If I file a “Report of Bullying/Harassment Incident” with the school, what follow-up communication can I expect?

You will be notified following the investigation of the determination that was made – meaning, whether the report was determined to be unfounded or founded and, if founded, whether the incident was determined to be bullying or bullying/harassment.

You will be notified of the possible interventions available to your child and provided with a description of steps taken to assist your child including a safety plan, if appropriate.  The school can NOT share information regarding disciplinary action and/or interventions implemented with other students (i.e. the student engaging in the bullying behavior) due to policies around confidentiality.

  • If I am not satisfied with the school’s response after filing a “Report of Bullying/Harassment Incident,” what next steps can I take?

Students and/or parents/guardians can appeal the determination made regarding the incident.  To make an appeal, file a written letter of complaint, including the date and a signature, with MMSD’s Affirmative Action Office, District Administration Building, 545 West Dayton Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53703.  For more information call Amos Anderson, 663-1530.

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