Wednesday, November 25, 2015 - 8:45am

The Teacher Advisory Work Group met on Nov. 18. We started the meeting by exploring what teaching for equity means to us. Ideas included the importance of considering how privilege can affect teaching, making sure that all cultures and communities are represented in the materials we use, advocating for our students and celebrating growth while also having a vision of what excellence looks like.

Next teachers checked in about the current state of things in schools. The overall consensus was that parent/teacher conferences went well, but there was some questioning about whether families across the district had an equitable amount of time with teachers. For example, should more time be provided when translation services are necessary?  

Finally, we previewed the draft of the new K-5 standards-based report cards that will be used beginning in fall 2016. Teachers liked the shorter length and the formatting. Several documents to help families, teachers and students understand the new report cards are being produced. There will also be opportunities for Infinite Campus professional development. 

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