The search is on! Progress on our search for a superintendent 

Thank you to everyone who joined us at a meeting or who completed the survey. Your voice is so incredibly important in this process, and we are grateful for your partnership.

On November 11, 2019, search firm B.W.P. met with the school board to present their findings from their survey and community input tour.

35 meetings  2 community-wide forums  224 participants  1481 survey responses

To read the summarized results of B.W.P.’s findings, view a PDF of their presentation here. View their full 82-page report here

The consultants then used community feedback to draft a leadership profile that will help guide the board’s decisions as they begin to interview candidates in January. 

According to the consultant’s findings, Madison is looking for a leader who fits this profile:

  • Visionary and team builder who can inspire and bring others along.
  • Experience in working with diverse student and community populations on issues of racial equality, cultural competency, social justice, restorative practices.
  • Background as an educator with teaching and administrative experience and in working with special needs, multilingual and early childhood populations.
  • Understanding of commitment to high levels of academic achievement for all students, especially those of color.
  • An excellent communicator who values input and desires to build positive relationships with staff, students, parents, and community.
  • Student centered – works for what is best for students.
  • Experience in working with diverse student and community populations in racial, cultural and economic contexts.
  • Experience in district finance and budgeting.
  • Racially conscious and can demonstrate a commitment to and success in working on issues of race and racial equity, cultural competency, social justice, restorative practices.
  • Personal qualities: confident, dedicated, sincere, student- focused, thick skinned, boots on the ground leader, honest, organized, fair, ethical, strong and can say no.
  • Interpersonal skills: collaborates with a variety of stakeholder groups, can build good relationships, good listener who gets input, is accountable, exercises good judgment, approachable, is a trust builder, will listen to student voices.
  • Knowledge of the history of MMSD with a desire to address its issues, will reach out to “marginalized” populations.
  • Leadership skills: team builder, can go against the norm, strategic in planning and systems thinking (including long-term financial planning and visioning), accountable, visible in schools and community, approachable, visionary, innovative, holds others accountable.

What's next?

The application deadline is November 24 and on December 4 the board will meet to select candidates to move forward in the process. 

A first round of interviews will take place in December. Candidate names will not be disclosed until becoming finalists.

Finalists will be invited for a second interview in January. They will be invited to spend a day in Madison, where they will be introduced to the community. 

In February, the board will select the new superintendent.