• Shifting to a universal lunch and recess schedule for elementary.

  • Scheduling math and literacy during the times in the day that offer the strongest environment for instruction.

  • Elementary schools will focus on 4-5 synchronous lessons per day, allowing flexibility with specials classes. 

  • Wednesdays will be a catchall day for students

Screen Time

  • Elementary

    • Providing a more clear definition of synchronous and asynchronous lessons

    • Provide four to five synchronous lessons throughout the day composed of the whole class, small groups, and one on one with students.

    • The elimination of new asynchronous lessons on Wednesdays

  • Secondary

    • Shift in practice for lessons to provide more time for student dialogue

Technical and computer literacy support

Increasing family technical support for families to improve students online access and experience.

Teacher Workload

  • Elementary

    • Revised attendance practices

    • Elimination of recorded lessons for student absences - reteaching will occur on Wednesdays

    • Wednesday is for student work time, practice and choice boards and eliminating asynchronous lessons that day

    • Lessons provided for foundational skills and number corner (teacher group is creating and recording lessons for wider district use) so that teachers are not all creating individual lessons

    • Feedback being sought about scope and sequence documents for adjustment

  • Secondary

    • Revised attendance practices

    • Standardizing expectations for the number of instructional minutes - defining a range for teachers

Revising Wednesday Expectations

  • Elementary

    • No new asynchronous lessons

    • More time to engage with families

    • Customized based on building need

    • Small group intervention or 1-1 support as needed

    • Choice boards provided to families

  • Secondary

    • Customized based on building need

    • More time to engage with families

    • Small group intervention or 1-1 support as needed

Increased support for families during virtual instruction

Providing information on range of minutes per-week students should experience for school-work

Increased support for families who have a student with disabilities

  • Gaining immediate feedback from Black and Latinex families about their experience with the IEP process this year, particularly in areas where there is disproportionality

  • Adding a special education support hub for families on the Family Web Page

  • Adding a 504 support hub for families on the Family Web Page

  • Increasing support for translation as needed

  • Providing regular check in support for students with disabilities served in MSCR CARES

Support for MSCR Cares

  • Standardizing elementary lunch and recess schedules

  • Providing increase check in support for students with disabilities

Internet Access

  • Continue to work with internet providers

  • Advocate for additional supports for access across the city

Professional Development Days

  • Eliminate Dec. 7 PD day (via calendar committee with MTI)

  • Decide on subsequent PD days based on reentry plans

Virtual Learning Resources