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Madison Metropolitan School District

Act 143: School Safety Assessments, Safety Plans, Drills and Reporting

Safety Plans

Every school in our district has a  comprehensive written safety plans. These plans are shared with the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Office of School Safety, the Board of Education, and Madison Police. 

The plans outline strategies preventing incidents from taking place, how we are prepared for them if they do occur, what our response looks like and our steps for recovering from an incident.

Individual school safety plans supplement the district plan and contain confidential information that staff, the district and emergency responders would need in an emergency. Examples include school safety team emergency contact information, a breakdown of staff and students, bus lists, traffic safety plans, any safety hazards in the area, a map of cameras, floor plans, evacuation sites, information about surrounding neighborhoods and so on.  

The plans establish a baseline and will serve as guides as we continue to evaluate and update them annually.

We also have a comprehensive public District Safety PlanUpdates to the plan are submitted annually to the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Office of School Safety.

School Safety Drills

Emergency drills help students practice what they learn. These include nine fire drills, two tornado drills, two school safety incident drills (such as Evacuate, Hold, or Lockout), and a “school violence event” drill (Lockdown). Schools will communicate with you when these drills take place. 

Mandatory Reporting of Threats

All school district employees are required to report any threat -- whether spoken, written or symbolic -- to law enforcement if they believe that there is a serious and imminent threat to the health or safety of others.

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Do you have a question about Act 143?

We encourage you to visit the DOJ's Office of School Safety website.

If you have a question specific to MMSD's safety plans, please use the "Let's Talk" box in the lower right of our website.