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Madison Metropolitan School District

Meet the Directors of MMSD's Office of School Safety

Sedric Morris and Gina Aguglia

MMSD's Office of School Safety works with school principals and school-based critical response teams to ensure our schools balance the physical safety of our students, staff, and school buildings with the importance of social, emotional, and psychological safety. 

This office is co-directed by Gina Aguglia, Director of Cross Systems & Critical Response, and Sedric Morris, Director of Safety and Security. Together they focus on connecting with community partners, emergency responders, and other agencies to ensure that cross system collaboration happens early and often. They are also developing specific professional development, early intervention support, consultation, and restorative response to school teams throughout the year. 

This office will instill the foundational practices of safe and welcoming schools, utilizing mental health and trauma informed interventions, and responding to any and all incidents at schools and in the community with care and support. 

Learn more about Sedric Morris, Gina Aguglia, and their honorary co-director, therapy dog Bonnie.