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Madison Metropolitan School District

Back to School Safety Reminders

Back to school sign showing two children hand in hand walking with text Back to School


Communicate with your child and address any fears or concerns about returning to school. Discuss “what if” situations, such as, “What if you get on the wrong bus?”  If you believe there are any unresolved issues that may continue to affect your child’s behavior, follow up with the teacher or principal.

Remind your child not to go anywhere unless they first check with a parent or caretaker. Don’t go home with a friendly neighbor without parent permission.

Students should follow safety rules:

  • Always tell a parent/caregiver where they’re going, who they’re with, when they’ll be home.Go places with friends whenever possible.

Ensure your child knows their telephone number and address, contact numbers for trusted adults and that they know how to use 911 for emergencies.


Discuss transportation issues - how will your child get to and from school?  Safety reminders - cross streets at marked crosswalks, obey the school crossing guards, and don’t dart out in front of traffic.

Bike riding - discuss best routes, wear a helmet, and be visible. Lock your bike in the designated place.

Have a back-up plan in case you’re delayed and can’t pick up on time. Where should your child go? Who should they contact? What should they do? Decide on age-appropriate solutions.


Remember to slow down, observe 20 mph school zone speed limits, and look out for children who may dart out into traffic.